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Free and open podcast platform at your fingertips

Podimo is a mobile podcast lifestyle entertainment app co-founded by Morten Strunge, Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, Andreas Sachse, and Eva Lægdsgaard way back in 2019—originally available in Denmark and Germany. It features great podcasts from across different countries via open RSS feeds. On top of that, it is free to download and you can listen to it with no login required.

Access personalized recommendations and exclusive shows

Podimo is a podcast platform that provides personalized news feed recommendations for you, which are based on your interests and listening history. With the episode playlist handpicked by their local podcast team, you can get your daily dose of inspiration. Moreover, you’ll be able to access tons of free and exclusive local shows in the app. 

This program also supports creators through a revenue share model so if you purchase their premium membership, a part of it will go directly to the podcasters you are supporting and listening to. With the premium version, you can access unlimited shows and you will be the first one to receive new episodes.  If you can’t afford the monthly membership fee, you can still show your appreciation by liking and following your favorite shows.

Furthermore, this app provides lots of handy features such as offline listening, sleep timer, and the ability to save the episodes you want to listen to later on. You can also create your own library, stop an episode whenever you want, and pick up where you left off. With a real-time notification feature, you can stay up-to-date with the new episodes of the shows you are following and new content in your favorite categories. All of your favorites can easily be shared with your friends and family. 

Excellent podcast app but needs improvement

No doubt Podimo showcases great features, shows, and contents. However, there are still some areas wherein it highly needs enhancement such as a feature to change the language—as everything in this app is in German and there is no way to tweak it to the language you want to see or hear. The app also exhibits bugs and errors from here and there.


  • Personalized recommendations
  • Tons of free and exclusive local shows
  • Lots of handy app features
  • Supports creators through a revenue share model


  • Language can’t be changed

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Podimo 1.22 for iPhone

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